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Experience Uniqueness

Bespoke timepieces, uniquely hand-painted, designed to resonate with the essence of your team, organization, or club. Wearing a shared design not only reflects your collective identity but also deepens the bond among members. It's more than just a watch – it's a testament to unity, individuality, and a shared journey.
Hand-painted dials, intricate designs, and Swedish craftsmanship come together in our Stockholm studio. Whether you're seeking to embody a legacy, make a statement, or simply cherish artistry, every watch tells a story – your story. Dive into a watchmaking process that's collaborative, creative, and truly bespoke.

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A Tribute to the Swedish National Team by IFL

Echoing Stadium Cheers with Every Tick



Sweden's Sporting Legacy on a Wrist

Sweden is a nation known for its design innovation and timeless appeal, and our collaboration with the Swedish National Team aimed to capture the essence of Sweden in a wristwatch.
Each index is meticulously painted in blue and yellow, echoing the iconic hues of the Swedish national flag. The artistry doesn't stop there; abstract pointillism adorns the watch face, employing the same patriotic palette. The deep blue bezel, smooth and immaculate, presents an ideal canvas for contrasting yellow text that stands out with both subtlety and clarity. 

Each watch we design speaks of a narrative, and this timepiece tells a story of national pride, athleticism, and unwavering determination. We are deeply honored to have had this opportunity, and it remains a highlight in our bespoke journey.

Go Full Bespoke. We believe in pushing boundaries. If you envision a customization not listed here, challenge us. Let's make it happen.


What You Wondered

What is a bespoke watch?

A bespoke watch is a customized and hand-painted timepiece, uniquely tailored and crafted to reflect your personal tastes and needs.

Can I bring my own watch design or do I have to select from your models?

You're welcome to introduce us to your unique vision. While we offer a range of models to choose from, we're open to external designs and are eager to collaborate to bring your vision to life.

I’m part of an organization. Can we get watches tailored for our team?

Absolutely! We've had the honor of customizing watches for groups, including esteemed organizations like the Swedish Football National Team. Share your requirements, and we'll craft timepieces that resonate with your team's spirit.

Where are the watches designed and assembled?

All our bespoke watches are designed and assembled in our Stockholm studio, Sweden, by a dedicated team of designers, artists, painters, and certified watchmakers.

How long does it typically take to get my bespoke watch?

The bespoke process is intricate, often requiring several weeks from design initiation to final assembly. The exact duration may vary depending on the complexity of your design and requirements.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our bespoke watches worldwide. We work with recognized carriers such as DHL and FedEx to ensure safe and prompt delivery.

I have a unique customization idea not mentioned on your site. Can you make it happen?

Absolutely! We're always excited to take on new challenges and turn unique ideas into horological reality. Share your distinctive vision with us, and we'll explore how to best bring it to life.

How do I start my bespoke watch journey?

Simply fill out our bespoke form, sharing your vision, design preferences, or inspiration. Our team will get in touch to guide you through the next steps.

Are there any minimum order requirements?

For bespoke projects, especially those tailored for teams or organizations, there's a minimum order quantity of 25 watches.

How can I contact you for any queries or assistance?

For further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through the following channels:

  • Email: Feel free to write to us at We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.
  • Contact Form: Fill out our Contact Form available on the website here for a detailed query. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Phone: To speak directly to our support team, please call us at +44 20 8098 2880. We're available Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm CEST.

We strive to make your watch customization experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We look forward to assisting you!



How It Works

  • Choice and Inspiration

    Start by selecting a model from our collection. Alternatively, introduce us to your unique vision. Our portfolio can serve as a muse for your creativity.
  • Collaborative Design

    Engage in an in-depth consultation where we intertwine your narrative with the intricate details of the watch.
  • Artistry & Craftsmanship

    Certified watchmakers disassemble the watch. Skilled artists breathe life into it, infusing their creativity. Upon reassembly, the result is a blend of impeccable craftsmanship and art, a timepiece epitomizing enduring quality and aesthetic brilliance.

Begin Your Bespoke Journey

Your Story, Our Craftsmanship.

Craft Your Timeless Tale. Every second is a story waiting to be told. Share your vision, and together, we'll transform it into a timepiece that narrates your unique journey.
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  • Unique Designs

    Distinctive Creations, Just for You. No Two Watches Are Alike.
  • Expert Craftsmanship

    Precision, Passion, Perfection. Swedish Craftsmanship at Its Finest.
  • Worldwide Delivery

    From Stockholm to Your Doorstep. Reliable and Free Worldwide Delivery.
  • Guided Journey

    Your Vision, Our Blueprint. Tailored Guidance from Start to Finish.



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