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IFLW became a company in 2019, promising to be different, creative, and brave. We started in a suburb of Stockholm as a group of watch lovers and friends. With a passion for wristwatches, pop culture, and entrepreneurship – together we wanted to create a new chapter in the history of horology.
In our first year IFLW evolved from doing retail to designing and producing our own line of watch stands and watch storage. We found our own high-quality leather, marble, and steel producers. Since then we’ve launched an Art Gallery featuring amazing artist co-labs and decorative pieces for your home. Next we launched our first Watch Customization project and a new chapter began.

The Limited Edition CasioOaks project took us over the Rainbow, and the Milky Way, out in another Galaxy, through burning Infernos and colorful Jellyfishes. We see no limits to where we can go. So grab your passport and tag along on our continuous journey to the unknown.
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“I’m a firm believer of the saying ‘The journey is the reward’. What a journey it has been thus far, and I’m extremely excited about what the future holds. We want to have fun and introduce the fun into the industry we love so much.”

– CEO & Founder, Karar Aimer


We know what we love and what we want. Our joy and passion for design and innovation is reflected in each project we create. If it doesn’t make us feel something, we know it isn't right. We want our products to be expressive and elegant, whether they are designed for your home or your wrist.



All of our leather products and patterns are designed in Sweden. It took us a year to develop our camouflage pattern. We were working closely together with our locally sourced producers in Tuscany, Italy which is known for its high-quality leather production and craftsmanship. Our three most used materials are Saffiano, EPI, and Alcantara leather.

Both Saffiano and EPI are well known materials in the luxury bag industry. Alcantara is a type of suede, mostly used for a storage product’s interior. It's soft and will not leave any marks or scratches on jewellery or watches. Our leather is custom made with colors and combinations exclusively for IFLW.



Luxury brands, whether it’s fashion, watches, cars or jewellery, strive to create higher demand than supply. This makes certain models and designs unavailable to most consumers. We like to shake things up a little bit and have fun with the industry we're in. This is what inspired us to do the first Limited Edition CasioOak ‘Rainbow’ project. A nod to some of the most exclusive watches in haute horlogerie. 

The Casio G-Shock GA-2100, known as the “CasiOak” due to its octagon bezel design similar to the legendary “Royal Oak”, is our first model to customize. It’s light on the wrist, yet durable and clean. 

Every watch is meticulously hand-painted by our skilled artists at our Stockholm headquarters. From the inception of an idea to the final product design, each stroke of the brush and puff of the airbrush is carefully executed in-house. This attention to detail ensures that the quality of each piece is nothing short of impeccable.

Each Limited Edition line has its own set of complementary accessories. Besides the hand-painted watch, we also always include a custom box and a dusting cloth.  

We’re very proud of and thankful for each project and the support we receive. We continuously work to develop new and exciting products for you and we are super excited to see what the future will bring us. 



This is not an ordinary Art Gallery. Here you’ll find our selection of the most interesting Mechanical Art, Wall Art, Sculptures, and other watch related innovations. Our Art Gallery is a virtual venue where innovation meets co-creation like a toy store for watch lovers. The best part is that every item is looking for a new forever home.

We’ve always been intrigued by engineering and artistry and achieving a combination of those is a dream come true for us. Art to us is something that has a message, whether it is about nostalgia, humor, politics or horological history. We create our artworks to be conversation starters and eye-catching. Each item we display has its own personality and history.

"The goal is always to be better than yesterday, that is the only way to develop."

– Product owner, Jimmy Heneidy